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      Name of the job:
      The collector
      Purpose of the job:
      to collect money from every one and give hobos 10% of what they collect
      What the job will do in specific:
      take cash from players to help the hobos out and if they do not give up the cash they get the right to put them in jail
      Primary Weapon(s):
      a tool to ask them to give them the cash and it says what will happen if they donot commply
      Secondary Weapon(s):
      jailing tool and unjailing tool
      Special SWEP(s): none
      roben hood
      Any extra notes: nope
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    you do understand that only you can play as this job and it cost 20 Dollars?

    so your paying 20 dollars for a class that only you can play as and has no real purpose other than take money and be annoying (no diss)