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    Server IP Address:
    TeamSpeak IP Address: ts.spiritofgaming.org
    Workshop Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=704017165

    General Rules:

    1.Do not RDM

    2. Do not disrespect/harass/troll.

    3. Do not hack/cheat/exploit.

    4. Do not spam.

    5. Do not impersonate other members.

    6. Do not evade punishment.

    7. Do not advertise.

    8. You may not own more than one building per group.

    9. Do not edit/build during a raid.

    10. Do not demote while a staff member is online, unless absolutely needed/the staff member isn't taking care of the issue.

    11. Do not body block

    12. Do not randomly use weapons.

    13. Obey the staff’s commands.

    14. Members of the government may not join a party with a non-government members.

    15. If both parties cannot see each other physically, it is disallowed in a base.

    16. Do not self supply.

    17. No spawn trapping.

    18. No one way props.

    19. Do not break NLR (New Life Rule) for 5 minutes. NLR states that after you die, you do not remember details before death. If you were killed during a raid, you may not come back until the raid has ended.

    20. Do not fail roleplay. Which means you must do what your job is designed to do.

    21. Do not metagame. Using OOC (Out of Character) information to benefit in an IC (In Character) situation.

    22. Do not VDM/CDM (Running people over with a vehicle)

    Laws/Rules (When Purge is Active):

    23. All crime, including murder is allowed & legal during the purge.

    24. Government officials must be in the PD during the purge. It could be considered FailRP if they are roaming around.

    25. Government officials may not participate in the purge.

    Prop Rules:

    27. Do not prop spam, block, drop, climb, trap, bridge, push, surf or kill.

    28. Do not spawn excessively large or explosive props.

    29. Do not build in public areas. Only government officials and hobos may build in public areas.

    Basing Rules:

    30. Keypads must be in immediate sight of the prop it opens.

    31. KOS lines must be on your own property.

    32. Cannot have invisible props or entities. Every part of your base must be visible.

    33. Cannot post "No loitering" signs.

    34. You must have at least one entrance.

    35. Your base may be unenterable if you put a building sign up, but you may not have any entities within or conduct any activities other than building.

    36. You may only build on top of a building if you own the building as a whole.

    37. No crouching or jumping entrances.

    38. Do not fading door abuse (Admin discretion)

    39. You may only have up to 6 fading doors in a base.

    Raiding Rules:

    40. Time between raids is 15 minutes on the same person or base.

    41. Do not destroy any props when raiding unless necessary to continue the raid.

    42. Do not raid a base that has a building sign up.

    43. In order to raid with a party, you MUST be in a party. Use the command !party.

    44. Only police can counter-raid.

    Car Rules:

    45. Do not reconnect with the purpose of retrieving your car.

    46. Do not use props to move cars.

    47. Do not spam the horn or headlights.


    48. Kidnapping duration is 15 minutes.

    Wire-mod Rules:

    49. Nothing that causes lag to the server.

    Miscellaneous Rules:

    50. Use common sense. If you are unsure of something, ask a staff member.

    Job Descriptions/Rules:


    51. The President has to make reasonable laws. Do not make "troll" laws or laws that make certain players exempt from the laws.

    52. The President can build in public places, with a reason for doing so.

    53. The President cannot have illegal items.

    54. No random lockdowns.

    55. Do not go on raids with police or patrol the streets looking to arrest people.

    56. Do not make laws that contradict the default laws or server rules.


    57. Police are not allowed to own drugs.

    58. Government Officials have to enforce the law and use the police department as their base. They cannot make their own bases.

    59. Police may not arrest anyone for guns, unless there is a law saying they are illegal.

    60. Police can shoot anyone for murder unless the suspect is acting in self-defense.

    61. Police may only use lethal force, if imminent danger is presented to any persons.

    62. Secret Service may only protect the president.

    63. Arresting without a reasonable and valid reason is not allowed. (RDA).

    64.You must have probable cause to search a house or a person.

    65. SWAT cannot enforce traffic laws.

    66. Police may set up checkpoints in tunnels or buildings with a valid rp reason.

    67. During a lockdown you may only arrest someone while they are out in public.


    68. Medics are not allowed to heal, base with, or assist criminals unless kidnapped or threatened.

    69. Medics cannot refuse to heal somebody (Unless it's requested by raiders during a raid).

    Thieves, Master Thieves, Gangsters & Rebels:

    70. The minimum mug time is 15 seconds, nothing lower.

    71. After mugging someone wait 10 minutes before mugging the same person again.

    72. The maximum amount you can mug someone for is $3,000.

    Hitman, Pro Hitman, Assassin, & Rebel Leader:

    73. You cannot accept a hit on the same person twice within 15 minutes of each other.

    74. Government officials cannot place hits.

    75. Hitmen cannot order hits from each other.

    76. Hitmen may only raid to complete a hit.


    77. Terror/Revolution cool down is 20 minutes.

    78. Before initiating an attack you must advert and wait 3 seconds before starting.

    79. You may not raid.

    80. Duration for Terror/Revolution is 5 minutes.

    Gun Dealers, Explosives Dealers, Black Market Dealers & Drug Dealers:

    81. You do not need a gun license as a Gun Dealer to sell guns unless the President has added a law requiring you to have one.


    82. You cannot help raid or defend raiders as a bodyguard. You guard bases, you do not raid people.

    83. You cannot be the President's body guard.


    84. Hobo houses must be one floor maximum.

    85. Hobos may mug people.

    86. Hobos may not own a car.

    87. Hobo's can be arrested during a lockdown. If you don't have a home go inside the nearest unowned building or the PD.

    Bloods & Crips:

    88. You may not KOS (Kill On Sight) players of the opposite gang.

    Vigilante & Villain:

    89. Villain releases escaped convicts while Vigilante sends them back to prison.​
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