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    a few ideas for the community that i think could possibly improve would consist of:
    .Staff Development
    .Human Resources

    what do these do?
    Staff Development

    .The main purpose of Staff Development is to establish a stable system of advanced staff members that would be trusted to conduct training trial moderators
    .These staff would be fairly high ranking staff (Admins mainly)
    .They would test anyone that has gotten there staff application accepted
    .To do so they would bring them somewhere into the map, or another private server, and teach then test the cadet the basic commands to use as staff. ex: !menu, !jail, !kick any of the reasonable commands needed for the trial moderator
    .After teaching and testing the cadet about basic commands, the staff member would create a situation and say that someone is either (prop killing, mass rdm, single rdm, prop blocking, ext) and then ask the cadet how they would deal with the situation to see if it is reasonable or not.
    .After further interviewing of whatever the staff development member would like to ask/test they will decide whether the cadet will either need to re-apply (if the staff member decides this then another staff development will attempt to train the cadet and if they also say re-apply then the cadet must, if they think he is good then he will be granted Trial Moderator) or the staff will say they are ready to be granted Trial Moderator and will be given their in-game rank and team speak tag.

    .Head of Staff Development 0/1
    .Assistant of Staff Development 0/1
    .Staff Development Member 0/4
    Human Resources
    .The idea of Human Resources is to allow staff to deal with the smaller less important issues while letting the higher ranking staff deal with only the main issues
    .The Human Resources team would deal with the issues of the internal affairs inside the community (like any two or more staff fighting between each other)
    . Human Resources will also deal with issues such as members reporting staff members for abusing their powers, with a separate website section which allows only HR members and higher ranking staff to see
    . Human Resources will also decide on members requesting to be un-banned
    . The HR team should consist of only the most trusted staff members that are not already caught up in doing large tasks ie: dev's, ext. Yet should not just be a low ranking staff member, ie: moderator
    .Head of Human Resources 0/1
    .Human Resources Member 0/2
    .The Council is where all of the highest ranking and most trusted staff members meet in order to talk and debate on the most important topics inside the community
    .The Council will debate on anything from high ranking staff promotions, to even possibly a new server and how it would play out
    .The Council is a more recognized group of individuals that hold the highest reputation in the community
    .These members are what truly show the community as a whole

    All depends on how many you truly trust/want in the council

    Q: why would we need this "system" in a community that already runs fine
    A: the point of this is to keep the community more organized and take more of the work load of higher staff members

    Q: the higher ranking staff are perfectly fine with what they do... so why do we need this again
    A: this also enables the lower ranking staff to strive for a goal to have a higher position of respect without trying to jump up the staff roster too quick

    Q: we already have a group of people that make decisions like a council would
    A: very so, as many communities would, this is just an idea to keep it organized, once again a way for staff to set a goal for them selves

    Q: isn't this just pointless and wastes our time to set up all of this to properly work
    A: this will create a more stable environment inside the community an lets you know who you can trust in the instance the owner or so has to leave, this lets you know for future reference who is capable of handling said position

    Q: why the fuck are you putting all of this time into this when nobody here knows who you are and you just joined the community
    A: honestly no idea, just saw a server and figured i would pitch an idea for the community since i just left from a community i was used to running, in a way

    .also clearly any of this is subject to change to how you would like it if you implement it, this is just my idea for how it should work

    if there are any more questions just post below, ill be glad to answer them.