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    Member Name

    Additional Usernames

    Main Information

    What position(s) would you like to apply for?

    What server would you like to have a staff position in?
    Trouble in Terrorist Town

    What skills do you feel you have that will help the community?
    I can enforce the rules well. I understand almost all of the rules which will help me to enforce them. I can handle situations fairly well. I have experience as staffing other servers. I know alot of the commands I would need to know for TTT. I also like playing TTT so I will be on quite a bit.

    Do you have any experience as staff on gameservers?

    If yes, please elaborate.
    I have been a Gamemaster/Superadmin on a Starwars RP Server named KoalaRP. Also Moderator on a different darkrp server that I dont remember

    What is your age?
    14 almost 15

    Do you know how to use the staff commands in Garry's Mod?

    If yes, please give at least 3 examples of using commands.

    Do you have any referring staff members?

    If Yes, please tell us the their names.
    None that I know of.

    How many hours do you currently have in the server?
    Currently For TTT I have about 1 since it is still in development/just came out

    How many hours can you dedicate to the server per week approximately?
    30 Until school starts maybe a little less than

    Do you have a working microphone?

    How many warnings do you have?
    None on TTT

    What does the position you are applying for do?
    It moderates the server enforceing the rules. If a player is RDMing, Ghosting or cheating in anyway Moderator is to take the suspect down and punish them. Also to help a player if they are having troubles with a content pack or just have a question about the server/gamemode. Also allows you to moderate the teamspeak and lets you spread your opinions on a wider range on the forums for other staff applications. You also help implement new things into the server. And finally you give players a warm welcome make sure they are having fun, and make sure they come back to the server.

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know.
    I use to play the Starwars RP server back in February - April. That was my first ever star wars RP, I quit because i was mingy and didn't like a lot of people there. But I have comeback playing DarkRP and now TTT. I have just about 3 days on DarkRP, and when I played Starwars RP I had about 7-8 days there. I have also made myself known to alot of staff.

    Do you accept that if you fail to answer the questions in a manner we deem appropriate you will be denied as soon as possible. You also accept that you need 3 posts to make this application.

    Additionally you agree that you meet the following requirements for what rank you are applying for:

    3 days(72 hours) are required to apply for moderator.

    1 day(24 hours) are required to apply for gamemaster.

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    -1 Application lacks in detail. I highly recommend you add a lot more to this application. Be more descriptive on what the position does and what your skills are. Make the application as long as possible. Once you do that, I might change my vote.
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    Accepted! Hop on team-speak to receive your rank and introductory meeting