What can benefit the server?

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    This is mainly a response to the amount of discussion around the lack of activity on the server. This thread is mainly for people to propose ideas. The fact is that we need changes to bring back the glory of our mother-server.

    I actually have some ideas:
    • Enforce more gamemaster activity and event diversity. I think that we need to start "encouraging" gamemasters to be more active in both server activity and on event development (sorry guys but events are the only way people get interested in the server). On the latter note, we need to have more plot and story in our events. We can't have two events in the same day that involve attacking a base and capturing a Sith Lord/Imperial Officer/Rhashik Officer/Bounty Hunter/etc. I propose that, once an event has been made and has been done, the same plot layout cannot be used for a week. This will make sure that players can become immersed in the game as it doesn't feel like doing some RPG/MMO side quests.
    • Reward players for their actions. While we can't reward them with a promotion from PFC to SGT, what we can do is establish a system of commendations/medals. For example, CT 5451 Normie, during an event where they were to assault an Imperial outpost and destroy an objective to facilitate the invasion of a planet, manages to assault a fortified position of automated turrets and manages to disable them. He should be given a medal or some other form of commendation for his actions, which give more incentive for him to go on the server as his actions are actually recognized. We can actually establish a system of points (i.e. Roman numerals in their name) earned through commendations that facilitate the promotion of the trooper through the ranks, or allows them to be invited by battalions if they're a CT, in Normie's case.
    • Make Users more comfortable with talking to Staff, and give them a comfortable platform in which they can discuss the server, and where we can improve. As the players, they have an outsider's perspective on the server and can easily outline the pros and cons of our server. Naturally we'd listen only to those who take this chance seriously, but it at least makes the average newcomer feel like the Staff actually care about their opinions.
    • While this is a SeriousRP server, we should at least limit the amount of punishments by a marginal amount. For example, when a couple of CTs start talking about OOC stuff in game, they should at least be permitted as long as they keep it to themselves. If it goes onto radio, comms, or anything else that actually interferes with RP (i.e. interrupts an event), THEN we can interfere (metagaming should not be tolerated if they actually try to act on it).
    I have a bunch more ideas but I will allow people to propose their own. The objective of this thread is to basically compile our ideas on how to improve the server and hopefully get more server activity.